I feel like we’re on a plane with a suicidal pilot in control. We know he’s going to crash us into the mountain, we can see the mountain looming closer and closer, and we KNOW he’s going to do it! But no one is doing anything, because we think everything has to be done by the rules, but no one can find rules sufficient to cover this situation–and no one is willing to grab the controls without rules to cover it! So we just watch that mountain coming closer.

Trump was right. The election was rigged–and it got us into a horrifying situation. After the election, I tried to calm down, ignore all those alarms and warning bells going off in my head, to convince myself that maybe it won’t be as bad as I’m imagining. And then he started announcing his cabinet members and various other appointments, each one more terrifying and scream-inspiring than the last.

I’m calling them the Anti-Team, because they’re all anti the agency they’re going to be heading. Each one is the antithesis of what the agency needs in order to fulfill its purpose. Who better than an anti-public schools multi-millionaire to head up education? A Secretary of State with a personal relationship and high-dollar (oil) business interests with Putin? Shall we destroy the EPA with someone who has become infamous for suing the agency? A white supremacist as White House special counsel? A Goldman Sachs trader and hedge fund manager as Secretary of the Treasury? He tapped a Goldman Sachs President for National Economic Council. He made room for a few Goldman Sachs billionaires in his Legion. Do we wonder where these guys’ economic priorities are? How about a racist Attorney General who doesn’t believe in civil rights? A Labor Secretary who not only has no respect for workers’ rights, but aspires to replace employees with robots–because they don’t have human needs, like a living wage, sick days, time off. And that’s just the beginning. See what I mean? The Anti-Team. Does this sound like a bunch who’s likely to take America where America wants to go?

Here comes that mountain. Are you screaming yet?

In addition to all that, there’s new evidence of election tampering, and not just via Russia. There’s evidence of tampering with the voting machines in some of the swing states.

But no one is DOING anything to stop us from crashing into the side of that rock! They act like we have to just let it happen, because there aren’t any rules in place to save our asses!

We are terrified, and we are enraged! We are wringing our hands, wondering why aren’t the people doing anything–but WE are the people! Why aren’t WE doing something? WE need to do more, and we need to do it fast. Marching and protesting, yes! But that’s not enough. He’s not even in office yet, and there’s already evidence of ALL KINDS OF THINGS. In addition to election tampering, the list includes conflicts of interest out the yazoo, cronyism, nepotism, corruption in all its flavors–so many things, I don’t have the energy to list them all! Can’t some brilliant lawyers file some lawsuits, put a hold on the inauguration, insist on immediate investigations, declare Hillary the legal winner in view of having won the popular vote by such a huge margin in a rigged election? Something!

I don’t know what exactly, but we must stop wringing our hands, get better organized, and figure out how to be effective in getting some results. Because once he’s inaugurated and has his gleeful, gloating Republican congress in control–and soon to have the Supreme Court as well–it’s going to be impossible, even through the court system. We can virtually count on a multitude of impeachable and criminal offenses being committed, judging from the way things are lining up so far. But don’t fool yourself into thinking this Republican government will entertain the possibility of doing anything about them.

He got elected in the first place thanks to a deck already stacked in their favor through voter suppression, gerrymandering, voter purging, intimidation, alleged voting machine tampering, etc. And once he’s in the White House, they’re going to move fast, stacking that deck some more and pushing their agenda through. In fact, they’ve already been hard at work writing up bills for him to sign as soon as he gets there. They couldn’t wait! They’ve probably done more work since November 9 than they did in the eight years Obama nearly begged them to get something done.

I don’t delve into kooky conspiracy theories, though I’m not naive enough to think conspiracies never happen. Just check out some history–you won’t have to dig very deep. And anyone who knows me knows that I don’t get excited and head for the bunker every time someone promotes another doomsday date. I’ve lived long enough to see too many of them to count come and go with nothing but embarrassed prophets left in their wake.  But this time is different.

If at all possible, we need to keep him out of the White House. We must stop Trump. We must not allow his inauguration to happen. Some of their plans, if they’re allowed to carry them out, will not be reversible. We won’t be able to undo much of the damage they will do–ever. We won’t be able to put the oil back in the ground, the peaks back on the mountains, the clean water back in the aquifers, wildlife back from extinction, the national parks back to their natural beauty. (Have you heard that they plan to open them up to mining and logging?) We’ve already done enormous damage to the environment, but Trump’s administration will leave nothing salvageable behind. And it could take generations, and possibly an outright revolution, to get our government back.

I really do think Trump sees himself as a dictator. He would object to that statement, of course–the term, not the idea–but his personality is classic. I don’t think he doubts that he’ll give orders, and the people he appoints will see to it that they’re carried out. We know he doesn’t hesitate to strong-arm anyone who resists or even criticizes him; he fully expects to be admired and obeyed by everyone. In my humble opinion, America confronts her most dangerous threat ever in the upcoming regime. 

There is far too much at stake. We must act NOW. We must be strong, we must be smart, we must be effective, and we must be quick–very quick. Either that, or accept that in less than four years, we won’t recognize our country any more, and our chances of ever getting it back again will not be good.


NOTE: I am NOT advocating assassination! This is one case where cutting off the head won’t solve the problem, because it would just replace the old head with a new one not much different. Unfortunately, the disease is systemic and runs rampant throughout its body.


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