One thing you can probably count on is we’re in for a rough ride, no matter what they do. It seems as individuals, we have four basic choices:

  1. Put your head in the sand and let them have their way with you. (This one is almost identical to the choice that’s currently being urged on us by some: calm down and give him a chance to succeed. I have more to say about that in a different post.) Well, in case you haven’t heard yet, I’ll remind you: Burying your head in the sand leaves your ass exposed–and EVERYTHING comes as a surprise because you can’t see ANYTHING coming. Ultimately, I concede that it is up to you.  But don’t convince yourself that the constitution, legal system, and “checks and balances” are going to constrain this man, and your ass is going to be safe waving around in the air like that. A lifetime of his business practices provide ample proof that he has little or no regard for the law (or for the well-being of your ass),–and listening to his campaign rhetoric, he either has no knowledge whatever of the Constitution, or he has as little regard for it as he does the rest of our laws. Checks and balances? When they’ll control all of them? The Resistance (see choice #3) is likely to be the only remotely effective check or balance at all.
  2. Leave the country. A lot of people are claiming this one. I have to admit I toy with the idea. Certainly, at the very least, I suggest you have your SHTF bag packed and ready to go (–just in case things get unbearable), and don’t forget to stick some money in there; make sure your passport is in order (of course, if any borders get closed, the wisdom of presenting it might need to be reconsidered, but still….); and be sure you have your destination picked out–be wise and include a second and third choice, if you can; and lay out a plan A, plan B, and Plan C for getting there.
  3. The third choice is a plea I’ve been hearing from a lot of people: “Please, don’t leave. Stay and fight. The Resistance needs you.” Yes, it’s being called “The Resistance.” The Resistance is big, and it appears to be growing and organizing. And there are several sides to it: political, environmental, civil rights–you can pick your favorite, because they all need you. There’s a lot of gearing up going on out there. Check out the Action Calendar (click here or see the menu at the top of the page) to see exactly what’s going on and more specifically what you can do, if you’re interested in getting more deeply involved.
  4. You’d no doubt be wise to start thinking and acting like a prepper, a survivalist, if you don’t already.  Because it’s likely to get rough. (I’m planning more stuff about prepping soon, so stay tuned.) The Republicans got control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives in 1928. (I don’t know the make-up of the Supreme Court at the time, but they most certainly will have it, too, leaning their way quite soon.) Anyone remember what happened in 1929 and continued for more than a decade? How about 2000, when they got control of government again? They governed us directly into a stock market crash, massive unemployment, and the Great Recession–from which we haven’t fully recovered yet. Being prepared for a “yuuuuge” economic depression or recession might be in order. I don’t know how you’d prepare for a Nazi regime and martial law, but I think we should find out–just in case. That’s what prepping is for, isn’t it: just in case? I might feel a little silly even thinking about the possibility of a Nazi regime in this country if it weren’t for Trump’s personality, practices, and proposed policies combined with some of the choices he’s making for his White House staff. Makes every hair on my body stand on end. The warning signs are there, and at the time of this writing, more start flashing on a daily basis. What have I learned about warning signs? It might not always be a good idea to act on them before you know whether they’re valid and pointing where you think they’re pointing; but it’s never a good idea to ignore them. Listen to your gut; it has instincts.

Am I being an alarmist? I think I’m being a realist. Could I be wrong? You betcha. I’ve been wrong many times in my life. But that’s how I’ve learned. You grow a sort of “con-man antenna” when you’ve been conned a few times. I hope we’ll still be able to recognize our country in a few years.

It is possible there’s nothing to worry about, that he’ll do the right thing by all of us, and utopia will follow. But count on it? All of the evidence I’ve seen and all of my many decades of living tell me to get your courage up and your balls on, because you’re going to need them. Stay cool, stay calm, stay prepared–and hope and pray the bug-out bag gets to stay in the closet gathering dust. It’s possible. It is possible.

Oh, yeah, and keep your head out of the sand.


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