What can I do? It’s a question I hear a lot these days, and I’m glad so many people are asking, because there’s a s***load of work to be done. Every helping hand is needed, no matter how large or small. There’s something for everyone. For real.

Answering that question is the main purpose of this site, but it’s a brand new site, just getting started, so bear with me. I’m adding content as fast and as often as I can, so check back frequently. In the meantime, here’s the answer I’ve got so far:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do (if you haven’t already) is figure out what area(s) resonate with you and realistically assess what you can contribute. There are many aspects involved in saving this beautiful world, but you don’t have to do them all. Choose what energizes you, what excites your passion. There’s environment and climate change, civil rights and social justice, food safety, animal rights–and then there’s politics. Like I said on the About page, I wish I could leave politics out of this, but it’s impossible if we really want to be effective. So much depends on policy. So like it or not, politics is part of it. Choose your area of greatest interest. That doesn’t mean you can’t also contribute in other ways, as well. For instance, if you’re really feeling the politics, you can still plant milkweed for the Monarch butterflies, and let the dandelions and clover bloom intact for the bees. Please, do ALL that you can–which brings me to the other thing you need to know.

What can you realistically contribute? Most of us have responsibilities and people depending on us. Can you spare money, but time is out of the question? You have time, but no money? That’s fine, there are plenty of ways you can help. Realistically assess how much you can spare. One hour a weekend, every weekend adds up. Your change in a jar at the end of the day adds up. Take a look at your priorities. Is spending several hours a week watching football more important than being at that hearing on water quality? I’m not dissing football, and I’m also not suggesting you give up all your leisure time and enjoyment. Relaxation is important to your health–and we need our “Change Warriors,” our superheroes, to be as healthy as possible. Maybe you could enjoy serving food at the local homeless shelter or volunteering to help the local wildlife rescue once a week just as much as one more football game. I’m suggesting that you take a realistic look at how you currently spend your time and money and see if you can make some adjustments. Even minor adjustments would be a step in the right direction. This world needs you to do as much as you can and are willing to do.

Step 2: Learn how to use this site to help you.

  • Check the Action Calendar (see menu at top of page). I intend for this to become the main feature of the site, so I’m mostly focused on adding items to it as often as I can. You’ll find activities to choose from that you can do at home–some simple like put out food and water for the birds, but some more complicated, like organize an organic gardening project for the local school kids to participate in and learn. You’ll also find a list of observances (e.g. International Women’s Day) and events (like marches/protests, conventions, etc) going on each month. If there are events scheduled, you’ll find them listed with links of where to go for additional information. You’ll also find observances that have no event listed. Maybe you’ll be inspired to organize one, or know of one that isn’t listed. Please, email me from the Contact Me page and let me know about it so I can include it.  Now that you know about the Action Calendar, go to the appropriate month and see what’s there. If there’s nothing much going on that you’re interested in, check the On-Going, Any Time tab to the far right in the Action Calendar menu. You’ll find a list of things that aren’t time-constrained, things that are on-going, like the Dakota Pipeline Protests, and things that can be started or carried on any time, like organizing your recycling system. If nothing there gets you excited, then check out the Facebook page. If nothing there grabs your interest, then, well, I’m stumped, because there’s such a wide variety of stuff there.
  • The Facebook Page: There are cries for help, there are things others are doing, posts to inspire your own ideas, posts to update you on news of interest to us–from things to make you smile and remind you why you’re doing this, to things to inform and empower you, things you can share on your page to inform and motivate your friends and spread the word–on every topic we’re interested in from the environment and politics to self-reliance and surviving. Yes, color us empowered!
  • The Resources Pages: You’ll find Resources in the Categories drop-down menu in the sidebar to the left–all kinds of resources, including where to find eco-friendly products and businesses, environmental groups, political groups, etc.
  • My posts are mainly intended to inform and empower you by way of tips, step-by-step instructions, and to bring some things to your attention in a timely manner. Some of them are to add instruction or information about events and activities on the Action Calendar. Some are me on my soapbox. Also, “Coming Soon,” I plan to include a category called: Books & Videos You Should Know About. (FYI, I accept submissions for guest posts on topics related to our interests. See the Contact Me page for more information.)
  • Please, like the Facebook page and subscribe to this site by clicking on the Register button in the sidebar to the left. That way I can keep you informed of important news you’re interested in. And maybe a newsletter as I get the site built up with more content. Also, it lets me know that people really are interested, and that I’m providing something useful and of value. I would appreciate knowing that.

So, there you are, superheroes. Now you know where to start. Though the site is new, there’s still plenty here for you to get started. No more excuses. It’s past time to roll up our sleeves and get busy.  The world needs us! Let’s do this! Power on!

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