Choosing Superhero of the Year 2017 has been a challenge, because it’s basically a tie between the Resisters and the #MeToo ladies and gents. But I’m trying to avoid ties, so I have to choose. And eeny meeny moeing it won’t do it this time. I insist it be based on merit. on a quality, something which distinguishes it.

For a couple of reasons, I’m going with the Me Toos this time. For one thing, I think 2018 is going to be an even bigger year for the Resisters. It’s going to be a decisive year, one way or the other, and the Resisters will need all the strength and courage they can muster if they’re to defeat the red dragon and its orange rider. And while it certainly has taken a tremendous amount of courage for the Me Toos to come forward and make their nightmares public (being a #MeToo myself, I know), there’s an even bigger reason to declare them 2017’s Superheroes.

The MeToos are propelling us beyond dragging the dirt out into the open, forcing everyone to look at the shame, the exploitation, the denigration. They’re declaring that we’ve had enough, and it isn’t enough to know it’s happening, that it pervades our society. It isn’t enough to say, “I’m sorry.” It isn’t enough to embarrass and fire the perpetrators. They’re saying it’s time to change the culture—a culture centuries old, perhaps as old as mankind. It’s time for women to have their RIGHTFUL place in society, and it’s time for predators to be put in their place!

Sure, a few societies have respected and valued women, but very few. The overall, general cultural attitude toward women has been misogynistic, oppressive, and at times downright hateful. The time for change has long passed. #TimesUp.

Dear Sisters, may your pussy hats be your crowns, your lips be shouters of truth, your breasts be your shields, and your pussies be petted ONLY with your permission!

Congratulations, #MeToos–Superheroes of 2017!