Those of us hoping for the impeachment of Donald Trump are most likely in for a major disappointment—especially if we expect that impeachment would return our government to sanity. Because Trump is only the distraction. The real danger is the leaders of the Republican party—Ryan, McConnell, Pence, and more… They’ll never impeach him, however dangerous he is, because he gives them the aid and the cover to carry out their hateful agenda and to establish the infrastructure that will create the government and permanent control they have yearned for for so long.

What if the Democrats gain control in 2018? In the first place, that’s a pretty big if. Democrats have for many elections now received more votes than Republicans, and yet they continue to lose more and more seats, more and more power, more and more control. There’s only one explanation: the elections ARE rigged. Gerrymandering is especially dastardly and one-sided, but combined with voter suppression, voter intimidation, voter purging, misinformation (aka fake news), Citizen’s United, the Electoral College, outside interference and propaganda—and I personally believe there’s substantial indication of tampering with voting machines—well, let’s just say the Republicans have been busily contriving a system designed to keep them in power forever, regardless how out-numbered they are, no matter how small a minority they become.

Actually, I guess I should stop generalizing, blaming “Republicans,” because I don’t think they’re all in on it. It’s the Ayn Rand cult, the far-right, the beyond-conservative, the Withered Heart Club. They dream of an America—no, a world, a One World Order that should pop out goosebumps of terror on every freedom-loving person not only in this country, but in the world. And they are working frantically to get the final bricks of their infrastructure in place—at least the most critical ones, at least in this country—before that 2018 election, to make their tower of power impenetrable. Yes, tower of power. They are building no house of cards. It will not be easy to blow this one down.

Think about what they’re doing. They are dismantling and discrediting every institution that represented the best of what we were as a country.

They are systematically destroying the middle class. This is no secret. Their tools: income inequality (which their new tax plan will increase dramatically), ripping apart all safety nets and all manner of aid for anyone not in that upper echelon, giving nearly all of the power and protections to the largest corporations and the wealthiest individuals. In places, even some forms of self-reliance are penalized or illegal. There are places in the good ole U.S. of A. where it is illegal to grow a garden, to collect rainwater, to live off the grid, and some states fine you for using renewable energy to even supplement the grid.

They are revoking, sabotaging, and/or redefining our Constitutional rights in ways detrimental to the general population, but especially non-whites and females. They are redefining and re-legislating rights to the end-goal of white males being the only ones who have any—and wealthy white males having the most.

They are methodically dissolving every agency that was created to protect the people and the planet. Every agency director that Trump has appointed was appointed because he or she wanted to erase completely the department they were given or to turn it upside-down and to the advantage of the wealthy. Scott Pruitt has always hated the EPA; Betsy DeVos doesn’t believe in public education; Jeff Sessions wants to remake the Justice Department in his image; the Department of Interior is in the hands of a man who wants to open ALL of our land to drilling and mining and logging, regardless of the devastation it will leave behind. The list goes on and on.

What about the checks and balances that are built into our system? Well, Congress is in charge of most of them, and Congress is in the hands of… well, you know. And the Justice Department is currently being filled with Trump Loyalists. We thought Mueller and the true patriots in the court system might save us. Even if Trump fires Mueller and pardons everyone, there are still state level prosecutions that could execute justice! But, alas, Trump is in the process of another unprecedented action: personally interviewing candidates for prosecutors in only the states where he could potentially face prosecution: New York, D.C., and the part of Florida where Mara-Lago sits. Want to venture a guess as to what he’s asking them? Demanding from them? We know their loyalty to him has top priority as far as he cares. I doubt seriously that much else matters to him. So he’s stacking the courts, right now, as I’m writing this. So much for checks and balances. That leaves us—just us, the people. We are pretty much the only check or balance left. Or soon will be.

So… they are re-militarizing local police forces and encouraging police brutality. They are stirring hatred and distrust to turn us against not just one another, but all the institutions that were designed and assigned to protect and help us—especially those intended to keep us informed and knowledgeable. And if we think our neighbor is our enemy, we certainly will not join together with them to rise up against the REAL enemy, will we? 

If you live in a state whose ID doesn’t comply with TSA’s new requirement as of 2018, you may need a passport to enter a federal building or to fly anywhere. It should be a stretch to imagine a USA in which you need a passport to get from one state to another, but it feels not so far away now. In fact, most of this should be a stretch of the imagination, the product of a nutty conspiracy theory. But most of it is, by now, common knowledge if you pay any attention to the news at all.

They are expanding the military and our military presence all over the world. They are provoking and antagonizing our enemies AND our allies. Well, it’s mostly Trump doing that—he who has signed an Executive Order giving him the authority to recall anyone who has ever served in any branch of the military. At first, we were only told it gave him the power to recall 1000 retired air force pilots, but then it was revealed that it went much, much further—and indeed it does. I know an Army veteran who says he’s already received a letter saying he should start preparing. Anyone who has ever served in any branch of the military—that’s a lot of effing people. What the hell is he planning? 

The last time I remember being truly scared was decades ago when I stood up to my abusive ex-husband for the first time. Now, I’m scared again. We are near the end of a real-life coup, a for-real takeover of our government by a group of sociopaths, The Withered Heart Club. Make no mistake. They are taking our country over—and WE, THE PEOPLE, will not be better off. In fact, I believe that many of our people—those of us who are not wealthy white males—are soon going to be much worse off than we thought we would ever have to deal with. They have nearly all of the good cards in their hand, so we must play ours carefully and with great wisdom and cleverness. Otherwise, I fear we are doomed.    

We must empower ourselves. We must be as self-reliant as possible. We must cooperate, come together as much as possible. We must be as informed and knowledgeable as possible. We must be as prepared as possible. We must be as courageous as possible.

We must be our own superheroes.

We Must Color Us Empowered!


Stay tuned: More information coming soon on becoming as empowered as possible!


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