You may have heard about it by now. People are starting to talk about it. Rachel Maddow featured it on her show last night. If you’ve been to the Facebook page any time in the last couple of weeks (or maybe longer!), you’ve seen the post pinned at the top.

It’s called Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. People are following its guidelines and WINNING!

A group of former Congressional staffers were sitting around grieving, like most of the rest of the country after the election. Then they decided to do something. They had watched the Tea Party’s tactics and made note of their winning strategies, and it occurred to them that progressives could use those same maneuvers to turn things around! To dump Trump and his dangerous agenda on his head! 

So they got together, and using the Tea Party’s old playbook, they wrote down guidelines, hoping to lead the Democrats to success. People are finding it and following it and scoring points! The most recent example is a group protesting Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General. 

People are banding together all over the country, forming groups, pockets of resistance. I hope they’re all persistent, ready for the long haul, because that’s what it’s going to take if we aren’t going down, if we’re to prevent any of the damage Trump seems destined to cause.

People called House representatives en masse this week and backed them away from gutting the House Ethics Committee (YAY!)

We can do it, people! We can! If we don’t give up, if we stay strong and determined, we can mitigate the worst. We can prevent total disaster. We can be the victors!

Thank you, grieving staffers. Thank you very much.

Here’s where you can get your own copy of Indivisible, our indispensable guide to fighting the good fight. See you on the battlefield!  


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