What’s going on at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota is historic on so many levels. One of the most awesome things about it is the way it has brought together tribes of indigenous people all over the world. Hundreds of tribes from around the US have stood in unison for the first time in history. Even those who have been enemies for generations have banded together in a common cause. My heart welled up as Aztecs–yes, Aztecs–in their radiant headgear stomped their native rhythms along the highway at Standing Rock. Fascinated and open-mouthed, I watched video of Maori from New Zealand performing intense and aggressive haka along that same highway.

The courage of these people as they stand like mountains to protect sacred Mother Earth is inspiring. It makes me wish I could be there physically to stand with them. Fortunately, there are other ways to help as well. Check out the following links and see if there’s something you can do.

http://standingrock.org/   (the official site)

Check in at Standing Rock on Facebook

For even more info, go to “On-going, Any Time” in the Action Calendar menu.

UPDATE: 11/24/2016–They’re requesting these things:


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