To be empowered, and to be effective, we must:

  • be as self-reliant as possible so we can be more prepared for whatever we may have to deal with;
  • build community and cooperate with one another, because we’re stronger together;
  • be informed about what our public servants are up to and the probable consequences of their actions, because ignorance is not bliss;
  • know when and where the protests and marches are, so we can participate as much as possible and be ready to take action wherever we are needed and able to;
  • know who to call and how to pressure those politicians who are not acting in our best interests, so we can stop their dangerous, anti-American agenda.

Those are our empowerment tools. Are you ready to pull out those superpowers and shine them up? The planet is depending on us. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us. The voiceless, the vulnerable, the oppressed are depending on us. We are the superheroes we’ve been waiting for. Join me, and let’s save this world while we still can.



To stay informed about what our politicians are up to, who to call and apply some pressure, and all kinds of ways you can resist and fight back, follow Color Us Empowered on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes I post on the blog about these things, but the Facebook and Twitter pages are filled with the latest news and posts intended to inform, inspire, motivate, entertain, and empower you–news about the environment, all kinds of rights groups, protests, etc. Also on the Facebook page, I share relevant how-to articles (gardening, preparedness, protesting, etc.) from wherever I find them. You’ll also find information about veganism, including loads of scrumptious vegetarian/vegan recipes. 

If you look along the top of every Color Us Empowered site page, you’ll see a menu—a series of tabs with the months of the year on them, and one tab that says “Any time.” You’re looking at the Action Calendar. These are all kinds of things on which you can take action of one kind or another. Here I post scheduled events, marches, protests, conferences, observances—anything relevant to our interests that occurs on specific dates. (If you know of relevant events you think we’d be interested in and would like to be included, please email the information and appropriate links to me.)

But a lot of actions you can take aren’t so tightly scheduled. You’ll find those best done during a certain month or season under the appropriate tab. For example, are you into saving the bees and butterflies? (I hope so!) Planting an organic garden? (One of the best things you can do for the planet and for your health and self-reliance.) The Action Calendar will remind you what needs to be done when, usually with links to more information and how-tos. Some actions are on-going or can be taken any time—like starting a recycling program, or running for public office, or taking an eco-vacation. Find info about them under the “Any time” tab.

 Just below the Action Calendar menu, is the Main Menu.

  • There’s the Home Page, of course.
  • And the About Page—you might want to check it out to find out even more about what I’m (and you’re) doing here.
  • Empowerment How-Tos: How-to articles intended to empower you in as many ways as possible. I’m just getting started with this one, so currently there’s mostly organic gardening articles here—a topic in which I already have significant expertise and experience. But I intend to expand it to include topics like preparedness, permaculture, community organizing, running for political office, becoming vegan, effective protesting, and even more, all with the purpose of empowering you. I’ll add more articles and topics as quickly as I can get to them. (By the way, I accept submissions for guest posts, so if you have some expertise in one of these subjects—or any empowering subject of interest to us, I would welcome some contributions.) And just as a reminder—or in case you missed it up above, I also share on the Facebook page relevant how-to articles (gardening, preparedness, protesting, etc.) that I find and think would be of use to you.
  • Then there’s another route to the Action Calendar.
  • Resources: These are pages containing lists of resources of interest to us—a list of places where you can find eco-friendly products and businesses of all kinds, lists of groups (animal rights, environmental groups, political groups, social justice groups), food & food safety, and miscellaneous (which, among other things, includes legal groups dedicated to pursuing legal solutions whenever necessary). You can also find the Resources lists in the Categories drop-down menu in the right sidebar.
  • And then there’s a tab where you can email me, followed by the necessary legal stuff.

And of course, there are the blog posts. There’s a Categories drop-down menu in the right sidebar where you can see all the posts organized by category.

  • “Make Your Mark” posts are opportunities, mostly job and internship.
  • “Call to Action” alerts are exactly what they sound like. Something important is going on, and your help is needed if you can possibly provide it.
    • NOTE: In the Categories list, “Make Your Mark” and “Call to Action” posts will be found under the “Latest News” category
  • “Color You Empowered” posts are articles meant to instruct, inform, and motivate—to power you up! so your efforts will be more effective. Some of these are also found under the Empowerment How-Tos tab on the Main menu.
  • “Books and Videos You Should Know About”—needs no explanation
  • “Just Sayin'”—This category is more personal, a space to express thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics—a soapbox, if you will.

I’m thrilled that you’ve stopped by! I hope you’ll look around, get inspired, educated, and most of all, motivated! There’s a lot to do, and the world needs us. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get ‘er done, as the cable guy says. Let’s save the planet, our country, and ourselves! We can do it! We MUST do it! Let’s get busy! Let’s get empowered!