What does it mean to be a superhero? That sounds like an impossible reach for most of us, until we look at what it actually takes to be one. Turns out, it’s as close as your fingertips. Basically, you just have to know what your superpower is and how to use it–or maybe, have the courage to use it.

Every one of us was born with more than one superpower, so it’s not like we don’t have options. Don’t think you have one? What comes naturally to you that helps to make the world a better place? Someone’s life a little nicer, a little safer? The environment a little healthier? What thing do you do over and over again, every chance you get, that accomplishes any of those things? That’s all that superheroes do.

You think the things you do are little things that don’t mean much–but there’s always a ripple effect with everything you do, however small. And that ripple effect takes that thing you think of as a little thing and expands it into something so big that you can’t even see the horizon of it. See, I told you that you have superpowers. Now is the time to use all of those powers in bigger, much bigger, ways. The world needs you. Now.

Practice those superpowers!

How can you turn those magnificent and much-needed powers to bigger use? Have I got a list for you!

As a starting place, we must prepare ourselves and our families to the best of our abilities. Make plans and act on them. Don’t put them in a drawer; stick them on the refrigerator door with a magnet. If you can, organize a community, your neighbors into a cooperative that will help one another and provide services, grow and share food, etc., a group that will act as a “survival unit,” if and when the usual resources fail.

I know I’m sounding dire, and I fully realize that things are not likely to get that dire for everyone–but it will for some, for more of us as time goes by, as things get worse. I’m not alone in the belief that there’s another financial collapse looming in our near future, and many believe it will be worse than the last one. We need to be prepared–especially if you’re in a position particularly vulnerable to that type of catastrophe.

Another possibility: Intelligence says it’s not a matter of if but when there’s a massive power grid failure through either a cyber-attack or infrastructure collapse. What would you do if you didn’t have electricity for weeks or maybe months? Think about it. Weather events and other natural disasters are becoming demonstrably more severe and frequent. The better prepared we are in advance, the better the chances of survival, of course. Common sense.

I’ve already talked about saving the rest of the world in another post, so instead of repeating it here, here’s the link:

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