We’d better be ready. We are approaching the snapping point of the war between progress and status quo, left and right, forward and back, selfless and self, new and old, life and death.

If you’re paying attention, you know it’s a global thing. An awakening is sweeping through the people on a scale never seen before. An intense awareness of the self-destruction, the self-sabotage we’re engaged in. We are quite literally on the verge of destroying not just ourselves, not just all life as we know it, but the entire planet–making it uninhabitable, possibly forever. Suddenly we realize the desperation of the situation and what that means. Some of us, at least. Many of us. We know on a gut level: It isn’t just an intellectual exercise any more, a fact we can tuck away somewhere in our brains and hopefully never have to look at again. Ignoring some things doesn’t make them go away.

Speaking in this tone feels alien to me. I’m an optimist, over-flowing with positivity. I’m the one everyone comes to in order to feel better. Part of me doesn’t want to do this. Part of me wants to convince myself that it isn’t going to get as bad as it looks, hopes I can just keep writing my novels and pretending the rest of the world isn’t going to demand more from me than it has in the past.  But warning signs are flashing everywhere. Don’t you see them, too? Everywhere.

We’re about to pay the consequences for our total disrespect for the things that are truly meaningful, like values and morality. And by morality, I’m not talking about the stuff religion is made of. I’m talking about the kind that says you do the right thing, no matter what, and even when no one is looking. Integrity got usurped by greed and corruption and a false sense of superiority–false because it grows out of an unbridgeable disconnectedness from what is real–while “good men did nothing.” Or at least, not enough. It’s a measure of where we are spiritually. So this turns out to be a spiritual war, as well.

And surprise! The “right thing” doesn’t always look like what you think it looks like. Can’t you think of a time when a lie might be the “right thing”? No? Imagine that you lived in Nazi Germany and you–or your neighbor–had a Jewish family hidden in the attic. Can you think of one now? Another surprise: even Jesus didn’t believe pacifism was always the right thing. Storming through the temple marketplace overturning tables in a rage against corruption hardly qualifies as a “peaceful protest.” And, no, I’m not trying to incite violence. I’m just pointing out that the right thing might be something outside the box you’ve been put in.

How bad is it going to get? It depends. How long are we going to dally around before we do what we need to do? Before we join that protest, or plant that organic garden, or organize a community–or join one, or plant some milkweed, or run for political office, or install those solar panels, or pass around that petition… How much courage and determination do we have? How hard are we willing to fight for what is right? For our own and the planet’s salvation? Literally. That’s not hyperbole, unfortunately.

The world is waiting, the planet is waiting, we are waiting–but we can’t wait any more. We may already be too late. If we act now, we may escape the worst case scenario, but WE MUST ALL ACT NOW!

The battle looms large, folks! And if you’ve got your head in the sand, you’re going to get your ass kicked.


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