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To submit events you would like to have added to the Action Calendar: Please, be sure to include all pertinent information, including the name of the event, date, time, place, description of purpose or focus, contact information, and anything else interested persons might be interested in knowing. Please, include cost, if there is any.

To submit guest posts, news, or articles:  DO NOT SEND AS EMAIL ATTACHMENT. Submit a query email (including writing credits, if you have any) and save your submission to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder which you will share with me. Submit the complete manuscript.

  • Factual pieces MUST include a bibliography of verifiable sources for the material.
  • Submit original work ONLY. Anyone submitting plagiarized work will be blacklisted.
  • Topics I am looking for (*starred topics are currently of special interest)

    • *How-tos/step-by-steps on anything on the subjects of sustainable/green living, disaster preparation & self-defense, permaculture, activism, environmental solutions; assume you’re targeting the average person, often someone who is new to your subject.
    • Superheroes in Action: True, inspiring stories about people who are doing good things
    • *Solutions That Are Working: How everyday people solve everyday problems they encounter as they implement environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes or become actively involved in causes
    • Activating your own superpower and empowering your inner superhero
    • Absolutely NO HATE pieces or writing that denigrates others
  • Payment: I pay from $5-$25 on acceptance for all rights. In some cases–for instance, when heavy editing is necessary–there may be a by-line given, but no financial payment.
  • Length: 300-1500 words
  • Be aware that your submission may be subject to editing for length, punctuation/grammar, and for ease of reading and clarification; however, every effort will be made to retain your original meaning and voice.

To submit idea pitches:  You may submit pitches of 25 words each maximum for up to 5 ideas at a time sent in a single email no more than once a week. In other words, you may send one email a week with up to 5 idea pitches of 25 words or less each, listed in the body of that single email. Anything in excess of those first 5 pitches will be deleted without being read. Submit pitches using the contact form below.