Should We Be Scared?

Those of us hoping for the impeachment of Donald Trump are most likely in for a major disappointment—especially if we expect that impeachment would return our government to sanity. Because Trump is ... Read More

Here It Comes

  We’d better be ready. We are approaching the snapping point of the war between progress and status quo, left and right, forward and back, selfless and self, new and old, life and death. I... Read More

What do you do now?

One thing you can probably count on is we’re in for a rough ride, no matter what they do. It seems as individuals, we have four basic choices: Put your head in the sand and let them have their w... Read More


A lot of people are saying that, now that the election is over, we should just calm down and stop “vilifying” the other side. Because election campaigns are mostly just games, we should ap... Read More