Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic teamed up to produce what is the most powerful film about climate change I’ve ever seen–Before the Flood. They started streaming it for free last month. It’s a must see for anyone even slightly interested in what’s happening to the planet right now and the changes we can expect in the future. The near future. The situation is urgent.

The film confronts the causes and challenges of climate change. It examines the effects and exposes the deniers. It brings home the seriousness of the situation, a passionate visual of the changes we are inflicting on our home planet.

They don’t focus only on the dire, depressing side, though. Solutions and people searching for them abound. But the changes each of us personally can and need to make in order to avoid the worst case scenario are possibly the most important points made. We are not let off the hook. As consumers, we hold a tremendous power for change in a number of important ways besides just changing our light bulbs, and we need to know about them.  Before the Flood doesn’t pull punches in pointing out the responsibility we all have, and the changes we need to make in order to save ourselves and Earth, our home.

So set aside about an hour and forty minutes, grab your favorite beverage and a healthy snack, get cozy, and prepare to be motivated.

UPDATE:  Apparently the film is no longer available for free viewing.

Watch the movie trailer here

Purchase the DVD directly from National Geographic here    (Price $14.98)

You can also watch it on Amazon Prime and Hulu; or you can rent or buy it from Amazon, VUDU, Google Play, and iTunes.