The About Page


Are you looking for ways to help save the world, whatever your super powers and limitations? Are you ready to be empowered, to be your own superhero? Determined to save as much of our planet, your family, your life, as can be yanked from the devastation we confront?

We are undeniably in perilous times. It feels as though danger doesn’t lurk in the dark these days–it leaps out at us from everywhere in broad daylight! The climate is finally in revolt against our relentless abuse. Greedy sociopaths rule the economy; lunatics control nuclear weapons; fearful people filled with hatred destroy our government and society, turn us against one another. And now, as though there wasn’t enough already, a microscopic virus threatens our very lives on a global scale. Everything we hold dear, everything we counted on, everything we thought we could believe in seems to be ripping apart at the seams.

Many people want to resist the destructive changes being forced on us, to participate in creating a better world, but don’t know what to do, where to start, who to turn to.  The one question I’ve heard most often lately is, “What can we do?” I understand, because that’s where I am, too. And for people with physical and financial limitations, it feels like that question should be in all caps.

Our world desperately needs all the help it can get, so it makes sense to share what I learn as I explore. No heads in the sand, here, though. When you stick your head in the sand, your ass is exposed—and EVERYTHING comes as a surprise! We don’t need our butts waving and blowing in the air. As we struggle to save the world, our country, our families, we must remain alert and aware that the world today is, in so many ways, excruciatingly dangerous. So many things can go really, really wrong. No conspiracy theory here, or even alarmist. I don’t have to tell you that the threats are real.

You’re probably here because you’re ready to be involved, to do something meaningful. You may realize that no one is coming to save us, that we must save ourselves. Maybe you’re ready, but have no idea what, where, or how. So where do we start? We must be empowered.

We must be empowered to:

  • protect the environment and counter climate change, adjusting to what is unavoidable;
  • promote justice, equity, and fairness, and to halt cruelty, prejudice, and hatred in all their horrid forms;
  • resist, to fight back, to save our country from the unprecedented danger it’s in and to preserve the rights our Constitution guarantees us;
  • navigate the troubled times we’re going through and that are ahead of us. We need to be prepared and as self-reliant and cooperative as possible.
    • How will you live through the pandemic?
    • Could you survive another depression like the one in the 1930s?
    • What would you do if the power grid collapsed and you had no power for weeks, or even months?
    • Are you prepared for more and worse natural disasters, in places they don’t normally happen?
    • Could you feed your family if, for some reason, trucks couldn’t run and keep the grocery shelves stocked, or food became unaffordable or just plain unavailable?
    • How would you handle it if a nuclear war broke out? Or if you suddenly realized that our government has morphed into an authoritarian Nazi regime tightly controlled by white supremacists?

Unfortunately, none of these are as far-fetched as they were a mere few years ago. And if you’re fortunate enough to never have to deal with any of those situations, there’s still this one: How do you become empowered to live your best life? How do you be your best self?

To be effectively empowered, we must polish up our superpowers. We all have them, you know. 

We are the superheroes we’ve been waiting for. Join me, and let’s save this world—and ourselves—while we still can.

And who am I?

I’m just a regular, sometimes cool person (see pic), dealing with financial and physical limitations. But I’m passionate about the environment, civil rights/social justice, animal rights, food/food safety, and a fair political system. My goal used to be to do as much as I could to leave the world a better place than it was when I got here. Now I’m striving to help save it—to leave it in the best condition possible. I’m hoping you’ll join me. I believe we can accomplish more together than we can working alone. Profile-image-color-us

My superpowers? Gathering information and organizing things. What’s yours?

P.S. I’m not a purist. In other words, if you can recycle and feed the bees, I don’t think you should be condemned or vilified if you can’t afford solar panels and absolutely can’t get by without air conditioning for now. It is currently impossible for everyone to do everything that needs to be done. Our society just isn’t set up that way—yet. But whatever you CAN do, please, do. Everything counts.

P.S.S. I wish I could leave politics out of this, but it’s impossible when you’re talking about the environment and civil rights and animal rights and food safety, etc. They depend so very much on policy, so I don’t see any way to avoid being political. I will, however, try to be cool about it (again, see pic). Thank you for your interest and participation!