What if the Democrats latest mantra, “When they go low, we go high,” is costing us everything? I’ve recently read some Facebook comments questioning the validity of Michelle Obama’s suggestion. The commentators feel that going high isn’t getting us where we want to go, so perhaps we should go “subterranean.”

The mistake isn’t in going high. The mistake is in the implication that “high” means we have to stay “nice.” We have to figure out how to go high, but be EFFECTIVE in getting results.

How? Holding the fiends accountable is definitely one way to do that. And stop worrying about being nice. And when they start spewing garbage at us to manipulate us into backing down, we can’t let them intimidate us. We have to get our backs up and stand our ground.

It’s our responsibility to fight back! Our “niceness” lets them get away with every dastardly deed they throw at us, which just encourages them to get more and more dastardly. And it’s going to cost us everything we hold dear–literally.

We MUST take whatever action each of us is capable of and do it NOW–even if it means stepping out of our comfort zones. Because if we don’t step out voluntarily, we’re going to get pushed out anyway, against our will. Trump and his cronies are going to make it very, very uncomfortable for all of us. If things go the way the signs are pointing, we won’t even recognize this country–or possibly this world–in four more years.

We have to DO something–not just share and wring our hands and whine. Get UP! Make those phone calls, write those letters and emails, join that group or protest, run for that office. DO it! Do it NOW! No one else is going to save us. It’s up to US. WE are the people!


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